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Opera launches Opera Mini 6 and Opera Mobile 11 at CTIA [Smartphone and tablet owners rejoice!]


After promising to launch new versions of both Opera Mini and Opera Mobile at CTIA last week, we’re happy to say that the Norwegians have kept their word. While the user interface hasn’t changed with Opera Mini, performance has gone up. Scrolling and panning speeds have improved considerably since version 5, and there’s also now…

Review: Splatterhouse for iPhone

Last month, I visited Namco Games in New York City to get some hands-on time with some of their upcoming mobile games. One game in particular that I was impressed with was the mobile port of Splatterhouse. Namco is going to be releasing Splatterhouse on the iPhone, JAVA, BREW, and Windows Mobile this week, and…

New Medal of Honor game arrives on Java mobile portals

EA is bringing the new Medal of Honor game to the Java ME-enabled feature phone users. Apparently, the game is already available on various Java mobile portals, most likely including the major carrier decks. If you still haven’t downloaded Medal of Honor, you should know it comes with a nice graphics with some real-time lighting,…

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