iPhone: How to Play YouTube in Background


The spat between Google and Apple brought in some inconveniences to the iPhone users. After iOS 7, it was no longer possible to play YouTube (music) videos in the background, as Apple has removed the native YouTube app. Google’s version of the app didn’t support the capability, prompting users to look for alternative solutions how…

Evernote: How to Share Notebook


As far as I’m concerned, Evernote is the best note taking service out there that also allows users to share their notes with others, if they fancy so. There are multiple ways to share a note from Evernote – you can email a snapshot of the note, share a link of the note, share entire…

iPhone: How to Make Group Contacts

iPhone group messaging

Creating contact groups on the iPhone (and iPad) is a fairly simple process. However, it does require a third party app as the default Contacts app doesn’t let you create and edit groups on the fly. There are few apps that will do the trick, but here we’ll show you how to make group contacts…

Opera Mini 9 hits the AppStore with Video Boost

Opera Mini 9

Opera Software unveiled a new version of its popular Opera Mini web browser, which is now better than ever. The main new feature is called Video Boost that will compress and optimize videos to make sure you don’t overspend your megabytes on a data plan. “This is the first time video optimization has been integrated…

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