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Samsung Nexus S with AT&T bands hits the FCC

Just like the Nexus One, it looks like the Nexus S may find its way to AT&T in the future, as the handset has just passed through the FCC with the supporting bands. Soon AT&T customers will get a chance to have the sexy Nexus handset for themselves, but when is still yet to be…

Google intros Nexus S with Android 2.3 Gingerbread

Google intros Nexus S with Android

After weeks of rumors and Google’s CEO bringing it on stage at a conference, the search giant officially introduced its second smartphones, the Nexus S with Android 2.3. As expected, the Google Nexus S is made from Samsung and it essentially seems like a modified Galaxy S with stock Android. On its blog, the search…

So the Nexus Two (Nexus S) is real, eh?

Nexus Two (S) mockup

We know that the Nexus 2 rumors have been around for a while, but only this week had we thought that there may be a possibility of actually seeing one at some point. Schmidt pointed out that there would not be another phone in the Nexus line, but it seems that they may have flipped…

Google Nexus Two rumors surface.. again

mockup of the rumored nexus two

Here we go again with Nexus Two rumors. Fresh rumors of a Nexus Two have resurfaced, but this time around it won’t be sold exclusively from Google. Carphone Warehouse and Google have allegedly inked a deal to sell the Nexus One follow-up, running Android 2.3 Gingerbread, and will be available for the holidays. I find…

T-Mobile G2 vs HTC Nexus One [video]

T-Mobile G2 and a Google Nexus One

We listened to your tweets, and we now have a quick comparison video between the new T-Mobile G2 and the Google Nexus One. The G2 is the only other decent Android phone on the market to ship with stock Android, so those who have longed for a keyboard on their Nexus One, this video is…

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